Howie P - Beach Took My Fish

by Howie P

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This album is a collection of songs I wrote here in Santa Monica. I roll in a "feel good" vibe and this music reflects my joy in relationships and life itself. So, roll with me, and feel the goods vibes.


released May 2, 2012

All music, vocals, instruments and lyrics are written, recorded, performed and produced by Howie P.



all rights reserved


Howie P Los Angeles, California

As an infant, I was abandoned on the steps of the emergency entrance of South Hospital in Hutchinson, Kansas in the middle of winter.

One thing that didn't abandon me was music. At age 5 I wrote my first song. By age 12 I was playing piano, guitar, bass, drums and singing. I've performed over 1,000 shows as a musician and an actor from coast to coast. Grab my music and come catch me live in LA!
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Track Name: Can't Hide It From Me
I can tell when you are angry
I can tell when you are sad
I can tell when you feel pretty
I can tell when you've been bad

No you can't hide it from me
I can see right through you, yes I do
You wear it all on your sleeve
I can see right through you, yes I do

I can tell when you are gloomy
I can tell you need my touch
I can tell you love to love, love, love, love
I can tell it means so much


No you can't hide it when your cryin
When you're laughin
When you're sighin, I know
But the truth is that I love it
You don't hide it and you show it to me

I can tell when you are sexy
I can see it in your eyes
Hard not to notice
when you're jumpin round the room baby
I can tell when you're surprised

Track Name: Little Things Ya Do
You look so cute when you walk away
Got me lookin out for what's in store today
You let your hair go wild
And your sweats bunch around your feet
Around you it's just easy
The worst part of the day
Is when it's over
We roll until we sleep the night away
The morning brings a smile
Sit and laugh for a little while
You bring a little light into this world with your little ways

I find the little things ya do
Keep me coming back every day to you
Besides our harmony and what you mean to me
It's all the little things ya do

Little pink keys for the locks on your front door
Ya do a little dance in your socks on the hardwood floor
Ya talk in your little cute voice for a while
All the little things you say
There's beauty in your little ways
The worst part of the day
Is when it's over
We roll until we sleep the night away
The morning brings a smile
Sit and laugh for a little while
You bring a little light into this world with your little ways

Track Name: Booty Crazy
Don't roll your eyes at me
If all the lights were out, I'm in another zip code
I still could see
I gotta thing for your booty
It's doin somethin to me, cutie.
I'm clocked in for duty
Can't keep my eyes off the prize
You're givin me a one-track mind

Baby got back, baby got booty ta smack
Wiggle it a little bit, I like it like that
I could watch you walk away
I could follow you around all d-d-day
Put my hand in your pocket, not the front, but the back
So I always know where that booty's at
Not much can phase me, but the booty just drives me crazy

You act surprised with me
But ya know what you're shakin and you're fakin
While your breakin a smile at me
I'm all up in your booty's atmosphere
It's kinda hard to steer myself away from here
So cuff my hands to the wall
Ya know I can't control myself at all


The booty. What, what the booty
Don't leave me with nothin
Girl ya gotta gimme somethin like uh
The booty. What, what the booty
With a booty that bangin
Girl ya can't leave me hangin
Cuzza baby got, baby got, baby got

Track Name: If I Knew
I've been drinkin. I've been thinkin
About being in your arms
I've been wonderin, my conundrum
Have I undone the things that I've done?
And I've picked up all the pieces
And I've strolled down all the beaches
Here in Santa Monica, I'm all up on ya
Comin from behind cuz you're trapped inside my head

It ain't cheatin if we ain't thinkin
Of divin deep into this feelin
But, you've been cryin, and I've been dyin
I guess there's somethin that we've been hidin
She was only just a reason
Just to take my mind off all the feelings
Brewin up inside of me, while you quietly
Captured my heart from behind me

If I knew that you thought I thought we thought
We were together
I'd take it back so we could be back together
Yeah some things go unsaid
Let's go ahead and say them
Take my hand, let's try and land
In the place where we began

Every moment spent with you I'd spend again
But I didn't know you felt the same
Or I'd think again

It was somethin, but it meant nothin
Nothin happened like when we happened
If you want somethin more like lovin
I am open and I'll come runnin
How was I supposed to know that you wanted more
You never that to me while I was runnin free
Maybe I was feelin just the same as you
But I wasn't pickin up the vibe from you